A cruise that you can book a seat. It is usually planned for a certain date

A Rib ride may not be suitable for people with back or neck problems or pregnant women. The decision really depends on the conditions on the day - if it's rough it's probably best not to but if the sea's fairly smooth then we can sit you in the best place in the boat for maximum comfort.

Our RIB is a fast, open boat.

We provide lifejackets. We recommend you bring along something warm in case you need it.

Ladies - For your own safety please do not wear high heels, which may also damage the deck 

Dress for the weather on the day, but you might want to have a wind breaker or waterproof even if it's a warm day. Trainers or flat boots are ideal. In sunny weather, we recommend sunscreen and sunglasses. You should also bring a change of clothing for after the powerboat ride, as you might get sprayed quite a bit!

Easiest way to find us is with Google Maps.

On all our tariffs, children are those aged under 12 years.

There is plenty of car park space in Marina Ag. Kosmas

None at all. We've taken people of all ages and they've all had the time of their lives.

We have children's and infants' lifejackets.

We wish. The RIBs are in the water from 14th March to 31st October although not all of our tours run during this time. Please check our tour timetables for more information as we wouldn’t want to disappoint.

Yes  except in a SEMIPRIVATE cruise

Risk assessments have been carried out on everything we do. Comprehensive safety equipment is carried on the vessel, including liferafts, lifejackets and firefighting equipment, in accordance with Maritime and Coastguard Authority regulations. Children's lifejackets are carried. A full safety briefing is conducted at the commencement of each trip. The crew are fully trained in first aid and safety procedures. The vessel has state-of-the-art navigation equipment and is in constant radio contact with the shore. We are fully insured for passenger liability.

We believe that excessive drinking of alcohol and the sea don't mix.

On private charters it's a bit more relaxed, but we don't encourage booze cruises. 

The Captain may refuse boarding to anyone he believes may put  himself, other passsengers or the vessel at risk due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

We reserve the right to set a minimum of 4 passengers on certain cruises –SEMI PRIVATE- at our discretion.

We can accommodate passengers with moderate disability, provided they are able to embark and disembark. There are no facilities for wheelchairs.

We can accommodate wheelchairs by arrangement. 

Please refer to Cancelation policy

There's always a possibility that a trip you've booked will have to be cancelled for weather or other reasons not clients responsibility. In these cases Sailor made cruises liability department is limited to refunding you the cost of your booking. We cannot be held responsible for other consequences of such delay or cancellation and recommend you have adequate travel insurance.

Sorry, but, no refund will be made to passengers who do not present themselves at the departure point in time to board the trip they have booked.

In the event that weather conditions on the route are likely to make the passage dangerous or unreasonably uncomfortable we will propose  a back up choice so you don’t miss the day in the sea. However in case the Port authorities prohibitive the departure please refer to cancelation policy.

All distances and arrival times have been calculated with ideal conditions. Changes may occur due to weather conditions or our guest's requirements.